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Apparently I didn't hear my alarm this morning. The only reason I'm…

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Apparently I didn't hear my alarm this morning. The only reason I'm awake right now is because Shelby came back from school early.

I feel awful.

I guess I look that way, too. Shelby walked in and was like, "You know, what's the point of setting an alarm if - OMG WHAT'S WRONG?!" I'm blaming it on the amount of sleep I've been getting lately, which isn't much, and the fact that I've forgotten to take my meds the past few days. Oh well - I'll get back on track soon. Some things are just worth staying up late, such as Shelby's sudden urges for comfort food at 1am. :P

So, registration for winter classes began today. I was on the website around11:15 last night picking out the specific sections of the classes I wanted, but didn't think and closed out of it when I was done. Of course, as midnight rolled around, it was impossible even for the Macomb website to load, much less WebAdvisor. But - long story short, I was able to get on Shelby's computer (she'd been on since 11:30 and managed to not get kicked off the server) and register. I'll be taking Human Physiological Anatomy, Medical Terminology, and Intermediate Spanish 1 (Spanish 3, in other words). 13 credit hours. Not bad for only three classes.

Anyway, this past weekend was a lot of fun. I drove down to Ann Arbor to meet Aaron and Rae, and then the three of us met Alli in Kalamazoo for a murder mystery dinner at Henderson Castle. I played Matilda Cash, owner of a car dealership. I'd never been to a murder mystery before, so it was interesting trying to figure everything out. Aaron played the character who gets killed in the process, and I've got to say, it was rather disturbing having to run up the stairs to see him lying there on the floor all dead-like. Yes, I know it was fake and all, but it was disturbing nonetheless. :P

Afterwards, we went back to Alli's apartment to change and hang out for a bit. It was kinda nice; I hadn't seen anyone since festival ended. By the time we got back to Ann Arbor it was after 2am, so I ended up crashing in Aaron's dorm. We stayed up for quite awhile after that, just catching up.

I was supposed to stop at Genesee Valley Mall on my way back to pick up a book I'd put on hold, but the website was wrong so I thought they were already closed. I picked it up yesterday instead. I'd been waiting for it to come out since it was announced - it's Melissa de la Cruz's new book, Revelations. I'm trying to make it last as long as I can...I've needed a new book for quite awhile now. :D

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