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Meh. No promises. Anyway, this past weekend was rather fun. Spent…

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Meh. No promises.

Anyway, this past weekend was rather fun. Spent Saturday night at the Holiday Inn Gateway in Flint with my friend Zac and his family. His mom's employer held a dinner/dance event there, and instead of leaving them at home, Zac and his 3-year-old sister were brought along. I got a call from him Friday night, which went something like this:

Zac: "Hey Steph! Are you doing anything tomorrow night?"
Me: "No, I don't think so. Why?"
Zac: "Oh, good...wanna come hang out with me at a hotel?"
Me: "Erm, a hotel? Why a hotel?"
Zac: "I've decided to try going straight."
Me: ........
Zac: "Ha!! Just kidding. Anyway, I'm stuck watching Gracie and I need someone to hang out with or I'll go crazy. Will you come with me?"

After I agreed to go, he asked if I played World of Warcraft. I used to, but I played on Brandon's little brother's account, which was cancelled about a year and a half ago. I told him, and he said he'd pick up a trial disc for me so we could play. However, upon arriving at the hotel, he didn't give me the little $2 trial I was expecting. He'd gone out and bought the WoW Battle Chest (which includes the original game and the first expansion, plus the strategy guides for both) and 60 days of prepaid play. Not cheap. I was floored. His explanation? "I'm determined to get you hooked so I have someone to play with."

I'm still rather shocked. Didn't get to play at all, though. We started the installation and patch downloads at about 11pm, but they didn't finish until about 9 the next morning. Still had fun, though - we ended up watching Buffy until about 3am. I've got to say - hearing one of my guy friends agree about how amazingly hot Spike is was a first. :D
The night would have ended on a great note, but I think collectively I got about 3-4 hours of sleep. His dad's got a wicked case of sleep apnea, and his little sister woke up and fussed occasionally. I'm a fairly light sleeper...needless to say, I didn't sleep well.

After we checked out the next morning, I drove down to Ann Arbor to drop off hotel money for Florida and to go to one of the most amusing Super Bowl parties I've ever been to. By the time the party ended I was so tired I could barely keep my eyes open, so I ended up staying the night. I hate imposing like that, but I'm so glad I stayed - I'm pretty sure I would have ended up in a ditch somewhere if I hadn't.

I'll probably be gone again this weekend. My cousin is getting married up in Marquette. I've never really seen the UP - the furthest north I've ever been was to St. Ignace, and that was just because my brothers and I had never been across the bridge, so my mom and stepdad took us one of the days we went to Mackinac Island. I'm thinking I'll probably haul Zac along with me for company, because I don't want there to ever be an opportunity to be stuck alone with the wicked stepmother and Brandon has to work. Ah well - it'll be fun. Another weekend of WoW and Buffy! Except this time, there'll be partying and parental-approved drinking, too! Woo!! :P

14 DAYS UNTIL FLORIDA!!!! I am so excited for this...I haven't been on a trip since Spain!!
Sunny, clear skies...temps in the 70s...I won't want to leave. You guys will have to drag my ass (kicking and screaming, mind you) back to the car.
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On February 5th, 2009 07:17 am (UTC), lego_the_eggo commented:
You got through the entry! Yay!

Have a cookie. :P
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